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Chocolate Berry Breakfast Bars

Well hello there dusty ol' blog.  Its been a sec.  I still love you, but of course, you know that.  You're just that kind of low maintenance friend we all love to have.  We can go weeks, even months without speaking and not get all weird about it.  And then when we reunite we pick… Continue reading Chocolate Berry Breakfast Bars


Low Cal Clean Eating Donuts

A throwback to my very first blog post ever! Gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free Tiny hands always find their way into my mixing bowls... Some people are fancy.  But I'm all about that ZipLoc life when piping anything... Donut pans are super cheap on Amazon 9 dollars, or 12, or 14, I don't remember but… Continue reading Low Cal Clean Eating Donuts


No Bake PB Cup Bars

It's been 4 months since my last food blog.  (Catholic confession intro style) I love food.  Love taking pics of it.  Love writing about it.  Love sharing recipes with fellow food obsessed friends trying to enjoy our favorite things with minimal atherosclerotic effect. However, blogging is very time consuming.  You have to photograph each step,… Continue reading No Bake PB Cup Bars