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Chocolate Berry Breakfast Bars

Well hello there dusty ol' blog.  Its been a sec.  I still love you, but of course, you know that.  You're just that kind of low maintenance friend we all love to have.  We can go weeks, even months without speaking and not get all weird about it.  And then when we reunite we pick… Continue reading Chocolate Berry Breakfast Bars

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Clean Cookie Dough

This cookie dough recipe is an old faithful that will always hit the spot when I want just an little somethin' sweet but don't want to spend an hour baking and don't want to consume 892346527853 calories. It's especially perfect as a cool, quick summer time treat for my little ones, too!  And doesn't it… Continue reading Clean Cookie Dough


Two Ingredient Sourdough Starter

I didn't choose the simple life.  The simple life chose me.  Which is exponentially better than the thug life choosing me.  And tbh, I really, really dig the simple life. Working with my hands and DIY-ing fills my heart and soul and gives me rest.  It's a way of recharging for my introverted spirit and… Continue reading Two Ingredient Sourdough Starter

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Bone Brawth & Harmony

Remember Bone Thugz?  If not, gtfo.  Jk you can stay but if you don't click this link and listen to Ghetto Cowboy whilst reading about preparing bone broth and having Laura Ingalls Wilder aspirations well then just stop reading. Fam.  I've been poor, I've been rich, I've been middle, I've been always an American so… Continue reading Bone Brawth & Harmony

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Chocolate Chocolate Chip Clean Zucchini Muffins

shred10 approved "I'm talking about freeing yourself up to live life in abundance instead of clinging to your fears." - read of the day (by Jen Sincero) I'm a total self-growth junkie.  Me.  The girl who used to skip class in college to eat chocolate icing by the spoonful while binging on Nip/Tuck and generally… Continue reading Chocolate Chocolate Chip Clean Zucchini Muffins


Low Cal Clean Eating Donuts

A throwback to my very first blog post ever! Gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free Tiny hands always find their way into my mixing bowls... Some people are fancy.  But I'm all about that ZipLoc life when piping anything... Donut pans are super cheap on Amazon 9 dollars, or 12, or 14, I don't remember but… Continue reading Low Cal Clean Eating Donuts


Clean Eating Pumpkin Bites

We had planned on pouring the basement floor today, but it's snowing here.  72 hours ago I was working out - and sweating - outside in shorts and a sports bra.  Typical March in MO. My food blogging situation is less than desirable rn.  Our internet connection here at our rental is the slowest of… Continue reading Clean Eating Pumpkin Bites


Five Minute Date Balls

It feels so good to be home after a busy weekend away with the babies.  Traveling with little ones is not for the faint of heart. But the memories are totally worth it.  My Monday plans so far consist of leggings, coffee, the couch, and these super easy date balls. Lots of simple carbs were… Continue reading Five Minute Date Balls


Pumpkin Spice Waffles

gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free, shred-friendly If fall was a waffle.  It would be this pumpkin spice waffle.  Because it would still fit into skinny jeans.  Because it's healthyish. Tiny helpers. One bowl.  I don't care how many culinary rules this breaks.  One. Bowl. 4life. Look at that little face.  The most precious.  He has more… Continue reading Pumpkin Spice Waffles


Toddler Approved Taco Seasoning

Casually late for #tacotuesday, sorry fam.   Paprika & chili powder & garlic powder & black pepper & oregano & cumin & sea salt and done.  Shortest blog post ever.  Pretty simple. Put it in a cute little mason jar to feel vintage af. Then use it. It’s mild enough that your kids won’t cry yet… Continue reading Toddler Approved Taco Seasoning