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Do Vitamins Really Make You Healthier?

Ad - Virtual Franchise Partnership with the Juice Plus+ Company So.  29.  This is weird.  I've been pregnant or breastfeeding or both since I was 21 - and for the first time in my twenties, I'm not either!  Which is a little bit sad, a little bit awesome, a little bit weird, and a whole… Continue reading Do Vitamins Really Make You Healthier?

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Slow Cooker Applesauce

Ok, I could have sworn I published this recipe last fall!!  I really think I did!  But when I went to look for it, it was nowhere to be found.  So alas, applesauce.  Warm, cinnamon-y, comfort food-y slow cooker applesauce. The photos are from this past fall - and I am not at all wishing summer away,… Continue reading Slow Cooker Applesauce

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Five Year Farmhouse Payoff Plan

I didn't plan on writing this kind of content. But then again, I don't generally plan too much of anything if it has the potential to limit me creatively.  Ya know? I have mixed feelings about public declarations of intent.  I mean, actions are where its at and speak so, so much louder than words.… Continue reading Five Year Farmhouse Payoff Plan

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Balsamic Reduction Beef Stew

Hello!  Here's a blog post about stew in July! Because look, I know its summer and hot and not stewy weather, but the garden be poppin' and we just got our new beef in so I had to!! I typically make this with a red wine reception but I've been having wine parties every week… Continue reading Balsamic Reduction Beef Stew

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Smoothie Bowl Perfection

I have a serious obsession with food art.  And not necessarily creating is, although I enjoy that, too.  Mostly just admiring it.  I can get lost in the scroll hole for everrrr drooling over food pics.  No shame in my game.  Could be worse right?! One of my favorite foods photog categories to creep.....smoothie bowls.… Continue reading Smoothie Bowl Perfection