Hi, I’m Steph –

Welcome to the blog!  I’m 28, married to my really tall and handy husband Big John, and we have three kids ages six and under.  I went to nursing school and used to work as an ICU nurse, but I’ve run a home based business full time for a little over a year now.  I love writing and creating content on social media and right here on the blog to share with others the ways God is working in our lives and how He gives us beautiful moments of inspiration every day amongst the chaos of everyday life.

This Blog is all About

Our journey to embrace a simple and natural life on the land God has given us.  We built a home on my husband’s family farm in 2017.  His family has owned this 180 acre parcel in rural Missouri for what will be five generations with our children.  And at one time, the place was a fully self-sustaining homestead and production farm run by a couple of generations at a time.  What I would give to have seen it in all it’s former glory!!

Now, we have been gifted the opportunity to restore some of the elements that made this place what it is.  This is our first spring living on the farm, and we’ve begun our venture into homesteading by adding 15 chickens, fixing up an old outbuilding for the coop, and planting two gardens – a traditional row garden and a raised bed garden.

I’m a total rookie and have never grown or raised anything aside from children, so I have a lot to learn!  And I’m sharing as we go, so by no means am I an expert – but there’s nothing wrong with being a beginner and I really enjoy trying new things.

Life Has Gotten So Fast

and sometimes I just want to slow down and take time to soak in the little things.  To me, that’s a lot of what the homestead life is about – working toward growing and raising all of our food, cutting back on clutter and material things, learning trades and skills to hand make items for the home or use on the farm, visiting with friends and neighbors throughout the day and lending a helping hand, and being surrounded by God’s creation in all seasons through the ups and downs.

I Love Writing About

motherhood and its beauty and challenges and seasons,

the calling to work from home and being creative as a homemaker and entrepreneur,

natural and traditional foods and recipes,

and projects we take on here on the farm.

Blogging and creating media content is one of my creative outlets, a way for me to earn income for my family, and just something that I really enjoy doing!  I update this page every few months as our lives evolve, so until next time – Welcome to our farm!